The Foundry Conference Palmerston North, April 2011

We have had good feedback from the men who attended. After seeking God and considering the feedback, we have felt our Lord’s direction clearly for 2012. We will share this later, but it is exciting that we have already begun the process and so much is falling into place. We serve a mighty God, but it is so clear that the work in Manawatu has just begun!

Here is the feedback:-

  • Our worship team ranked very high with comments of “inspiring” to “amazing”!
  • The venue, ambiance and the tech team were outstanding!
  • Our scripture readings need more work. 60% found the scripture a “two edged sword”.
  • Time of reflection and challenge, men wanted more difficult questions.
  • Speakers scored extremely well!



“I believe unity amongst the men was most effectively built by sharing a meal”

“Personally the hi-light of the conference was Selwyn’s words of Challenge to walk in our authority

“Unity was built by the worship, small group prayer and the honest sharing

“Hi-light for me was Nick’s talk on work”

“Hi-light of the conference was the feeling as one!”

“Next year I want more of the same, thanks for your great organisation of the event!”

More Pastors coming to show commitment to the men of their churches and to show endorsement of the event!”

“100+ men to come next year”

“Personal hi-light was the speakers, great quality and inspiring prayer. Music was great”.

Unity was effectively built by the prayer and being together”

more from my church and all churches attend!”

“The quality of the speakers and content was enough, don’t fill it up anymore….”

“Conversations with like minded Christians.”